AR15 WLA Master Parts Kit

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Includes everything you need to maintain a fleet of AR15 style firearms!

White Label Armory's Masters Armorer's Kit contains all the small components that you need for your AR build, plus multiples of all parts to continue builds or replacement projects. This is the perfect kit for dealers to keep an inventory of small parts for customer repairs and sales. All components are 100% American made, stored in a well-organized and clearly labeled hardcase. This kit has a significant cost savings over purchasing the components individually. Retail value to purchase all these parts exceeds over $1000.00!

Lower Parts Include: Quantity
Pivot Pin, M16, Blacknitride+™ by H&M 10
Takedown Pin, M16, Blacknitride+™ by H&M 10
Buffer Retainer Pin, M16, Blacknitride+™ by H&M 10
Detent, M16, Pivot/Takedown Pin, Cadmium Plated 50
Detent, M16, Selector, Cadmium Plated 20
Detent, M16, Bolt Catch, Blacknitride+™ by H&M 20
Spring, M16, Pivot/Takedown Detent 50
Spring, M16, Ejector/Selector 20
Spring, M16, Bolt Catch Detent 20
Spring, AR15, Hammer 10
Spring, AR15, Trigger 10
Disconnect Spring, AR15 20
Spring, M16, Buffer Retainer Pin 20
Trigger, AR15, 8620, Phosphate 5
Hammer, AR15, 8620, Phosphate 5
Disconnect, AR15, Phosphate 10
Selector, AR15, 8620, Phosphate 5
Bolt Catch, M16, 8620, Phosphate 10
Pin, M16, Fire Control Group, Blacknitride+™ by H&M 50
Roll Pin, M16, Bolt Catch, Phosphate 25
Roll Pin, M16, Trigger Guard, Phosphate 25
Trigger Guard Assembly, M16, Standard, 7075-T6, Hard Coat Black Anodized 5
Magazine Catch Button, M16, 6061, Hard Coat Black Anodized 10
Magazine Catch Assembly, M16, Phosphate 10
Spring, M16, Magazine Catch 20
BCG Parts Include:  
Extractor, M16, 5.56, Billet, 4140-HT-SP, Phosphate 10
Gas Ring, M16, Stainless 30
Spring, M16, Extractor, Standard 20
Insert, M16, Extractor, Rubber 20
O-Ring, M16, Extractor, Viton 20
Pin, M16, Firing Pin Retaining Pin, Phosphate 20
Firing Pin, M16, 8460, Blacknitride+™ by H&M 10
Cam Pin, M16, 4140, Blacknitride+™ by H&M 5
Upper Parts Include:  
Roll Pin, M16, Gas Tube, Phosphate 50
Roll Pin, M16, Forward Assist, Phosphate 20
Crush Washer, M16, 1/2", 4140, Black Oxide 25
Spring, M16, Ejection Port Cover, Black Oxide 20
C-Clip, M16, Ejection Port Cover Rod, Phosphate 50
Crush Washer, M16, 5/8", 4140, Black Oxide 25
100% American Made  


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    The Perfect Kit

    Posted by Butta Guns on Feb 11th 2021

    Amazingly well put together kit. It is great to have every small part clearly labeled and in one easy-to-get place. They nailed it with this!

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