AR15 Bolt Carrier Groups

An AR15 BCG is the heart of any AR-15. Get your AR-15 or M16 rifle running smoothly with our M16 and AR15 bolt carrier groups. The “action” of the AR-15 is done by the AR15’s BCG. The BCG loads the round into the AR15 or M16 chamber, fires it, extracts the round and spits out the spent round’s casing, and repeats the process all over again after it cocks the hammer.

Make sure the “action” of your AR15 is built for the purpose it will be used. Make sure it’s of the reliability you expect because as your BCG violently travels back and forth inside your AR15, it’s going to need to be reliable.

Proudly manufactured right here at our plant in the USA, we use only quality materials to machine our parts. Find the perfect bolt carrier group right here.

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